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  • Day One

    Welcome: Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen (D-VI) and Dr. Gary Puckrein, President/CEO National Minority Quality Forum and Representatives of Association of Black Cardiologists, National Medical Association and National Hispanic Medical Association

    • Welcome and Opening Session. Undiagnosed Hepatitis C Among Minorities: Urgent Healthcare Response is Required. Speakers highlight the scope and urgency of the Hepatitis C crisis--particularly in penal institutions and under-served communities. Statistics and research are presented regarding the effects of Hepatitis C on minority communities
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    • Racial Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes Speakers discuss disparities in research of kidney disease, the importance of early diagnosis, cultural competence and Clinical Trials.
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  • Day Two

    • Special Session "2019"
      Dr. James delivers a presentation entitled, "2019" that takes a historical glimpse at racial disparities in birth outcomes, and suggest that their persistence represents an example of the most egregious remnants of our country's legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Dr. James challenges the audience to heed Dr. Satcher's Healthy People 2010 challenge to finally eliminate the black-white disparities in infant and maternal mortality.
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    • The Forgotten Americans: How the ACA Treats the Individuals in the U.S. Territories
      Congresswoman Christensen leads a moderated planel discussion about how the U.S. Territories are treated under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
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    • Session II: Lock Up or Lock Down?:
      Why and How We Can and Should Improve Mental Health Care in America

      This session focuses on the nation's mental health care system. Panelists highlight trends in racial and ethnic disparities in mental health status and mental health care, share information about the gaps that exist in the nation's mental health care system, and share personal experiences not only with dealing with mental health disorders, but also navigating the nation's mental health care system.
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    • Session III: What the ACA Will Mean To Jail and Prison Health and the Health and Wellness of Ex-Offenders
      During this session, panelists discuss the health and health care challenges facing those in jail and in prison, as well as the role that the ACA can and should play for ex-offenders.
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  • CBC Health Braintrust Luncheon Presentation with Darryl Green, Former Washington Redskin

    CBC Health Braintrust Luncheon Presentation with Darryl Green, Former Washington Redskin Campaign for Advancing Health Equity-Establishing a National Health Equity Leadership and Exchange Network (HELEN). Presentation introduces audience to special initiative to increase coordination around campaign that focuses on U.S. health equity laws and policies.

    • CBC Health Braintrust Luncheon Presentations 2014
    • CBC Spring Health Braintrust Congressional Leadership Award 2014
    • CBC Spring Health Braintrust Congressional Staff Leadership Award 2014
    • CBC Spring Health Braintrust Special Chairwoman's Award .

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  • CBC Spring Health Braintust and National Minority Quality Forum 11th Annual Health Disparities Awards Dinner
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Webcasts feature excerpts from 2014 Spring CBC Health Braintrust and National Minority Quality Forum.

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