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Congressional Black Caucus
Fall Health Braintrust

Former Congresswoman Donna Christensen

  • Special Presentation I: Health, Economics and Medicaid Expansion and Lessons Learned From Open Enrollment. The health impact, and economic repercussions to State's that did not expand Medicaid are Shared on this panel along with lessons learned and health disparity trends following open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • The State of Minority Women's Health: We've Come Far, But We Have Further To Go! During this moderated, interactive session, experts share current information and data about minority women's physical, mental, dental and oral health and health care. The panelists also will highlight other issues - such as violence and reproductive health and justice - and the unique impact they have on the health, wellness and life opportunities of women of color.

  • Special Presentation II: Suicide in the Black Community: An Honest Discussion With Tony Cornelius. Mr. Tony Cornelius, founder, Don Cornelius Foundation and the eldest son of the late Entertainer,l discusses suicide and the importance of suicide prevention. Mr. Cornelius calls for expanding reliable, affordable access to culturally competent mental health care the impact of suicide on individuals, families and communities; and the objectives of the Don Cornelius Foundation .

  • Session II: Rising Health Equity and Social Justice Leaders: Effecting Change Knows No Ages. This session convenes rising leaders in social justice and health equity who engage in a moderated, interactive panel discussion with the audience. During the discussion, the panelists share why and how they are effecting positive change in a manner that seeks to achieve equity in health and social justice, and to reduce health disparities. The panelists discuss some of the hurdles they have faced, but have surmounted, in their efforts to be integral parts of the solution to today's most pressing health equity and social justice challenges.

  • The 2014 CBC Fall Health Braintrust Luncheon Keynote Presentation and Awards Ceremony Congresswomen Marcia Fudge, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Congressman Bobby Scott, Congressman Jim Clyburn and other officials salute Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen for her years of service as Chair of the CBC Health Braintrust. Congresswoman Christensen leads a very special ceremony, where she passes along the CBC Health Braintrust torch to Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IL), to be the next Chair of the CBC Health Braintrust. The 2014 CBC Fall Health Braintrust Leadership Awards Ceremony occurs mmediately following, where the recipients of the 2014 CBC Fall Health Braintrust Congressional Leadership Award, the Congressional Staff Award, and the Corporate Leadership Award are honored.

  • Session III: Pot or Not?: A Dialogue About Marijuana During this session, panelists share accurate and timely information about medical marijuana, and the economic, health and criminal justice impact of marijuana policy reforms on underserved communities and individuals .

  • Session IV: Racial and Ethnic Cancer Disparities: Curbing the Trends in the Post-ACA Era. During this session, panelists highlight the persistent and devastating racial and ethnic disparities in colorectal, breast, and lung cancer in the United States. Panelists also share their expertise about how these cancer disparities can be reduced in the post-ACA era.

  • Session V: How Do We Move Health Equity From Goal to Reality?
    During this closing panel, Congresswoman Donna Christensen leads an interactive, moderated discussion with the audience to review the presentations, to share ideas about advancing efforts to reduce racial and ethnic, and other health disparities, and to reach consensus about how the audience can work together to leverage resources and expertise to achieve health equity. Joining the Congresswoman are individuals who will bring a variety of perspectives and ideas about how to advance health equity

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